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These are indications only as they will give you the up to the minute quote when you are in the bank. One to buy gold and one to sell gold (same idea of a spread as when you buy/sell currency).https://wb1com/fin/pub/gvu/quot...s_instruments/ Most large branches of USB and the other banks will have gold bars they can sell you. If you are with a smaller branch, they may have to order in the gold, depending on what you need. most people are better served by acquiring gold funds, or trade online, or even buy gold futures.there are few good reasons for buying physical gold if you are not a goldsmith, which i suspect you are not...or a central banker, which I am certain you are not A friend of mine mentioned a website bullion vault [1] for buying/trading gold.I read somewhere, I think on that website, that if you acquire gold bars and were to take them home, leaving them on the TV to look cool or something, when you come to sell them again you will need to have them assayed to ensure that they are of a decent quality.If left in a vault the whole time there is no need for this analysis as it's known that they could not have been tampered with.So I would second Dino's thoughts and say that sticking with an online trading account is probably your best option.Cheers [1] [2] Cashboy - since you are most likely interested in 'investing' in gold, check out gold ETFs (exchange traded funds) like GLD and IAU if you can access the US markets.

Cashboy - since you are most likely interested in 'investing' in gold, check out gold ETFs (exchange traded funds) like GLD and IAU if you can access the US markets.My advice is to pop into UBS, put down your cash, and walk out with the real stuff.The spread is quite reasonable, and you can hire a safety deposit box at the bank or a post office.Two former colleagues took this approach, despite my scoffs at the time, and did ok. But they won't buy bars they didn't isssue to you, ie from UBS or from the attic.

If you have sold the house, and want to do this with serious amounts, UBS (and no doubt others) will give you interest on your physical deposits. They also won't fax you a price list, or give quotes over the phone.

With interest rates in some currencies so poor, getting a non-negative return on a physical, and not having to worry about storage costs, has to be better than some dodgy off shore fund. They will write them down for you if you are coming into the bank.

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