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Категория: Игры
Обновлено: 29.03.2011
Версия: 1.1
Размер: 178 МБ
Язык: Английский
Разработчик: Complete Control (UK) Ltd
© 2011 Complete Control (UK) Ltd
Возраст 4+

Roodie Noodies and the Slippery Pole


The USA parenting site BABBLE voted Roodie Noodies No3 best kids entertainment app, and overall No14 best kids iPhone app in the USA.


A really fun game for all the family set in Belly Button Bay, the home of the Roodie Noodies. With its golden sands and azure shoreline, Belly Button Bay is a place that reminds us of childhood summer holidays, playing in the sea, sand sandwiches, and building sandcastles.

The Roodie Noodies are beach dwelling creatures called Shellie, Rockie, Lollie and Shoobie. They are by nature mischievous, inquisitive and inventive. They love to play games on the beach and ingeniously find ways of recycling the debris that is left behind by visitors or washed up on the shore. Their creations include using lolly sticks as surf boards and a kite buggy they built using bits of a beach towel, a crab line and buttons.

A unique feature of the Roodie Noodies characters is their belly button tooters. These hilarious, trumpet-like extensions of their belly buttons are their special way of expressing their emotions, getting each other’s attention or simply tooting a great tune!


The aim of the game is to keep each of the Roodie Noodies balanced on the slippery pole whilst also trying to collect the sparkly nurdles that float past! The competitive Crafty Crabs will be turning the pole as quick as they can so that you lose your balance and fall into the sea!

The Clapping Clams and Synchronised Shrimps will be cheering you on in this sunny and funny seaside game.

If you do manage to stay on the pole and collect all of the nurdles you will win the game and collect the coveted prize of the Sand Dollar Shield presented by Flip Flop the Seagull!


– Four level game

– Exclusive video clips

– Character wallpapers

Are you ready for the challenge? Let the contest begin!

** Featured within Kids Games as NEW AND NOTEWORTHY on the App store **

Roodie Noodies is an exciting new brand created by Complete Control, a leading children’s interactive production company. Roodie Noodies is unashamedly about making kids laugh. The cheekiness of the characters, the craziness of the stories and the pure joy of the location are all aimed at putting a smile on young faces (and those of their parents too!).


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