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Категория: Образование
Выпуск: 16.07.2010
Версия: 1.0
Размер: 2.2 МБ
Язык: Английский
Разработчик: Quintura
© Quintura Inc.
Возраст 4+

Quintura Kids

Tap a word to begin search! Interactive web searching and browsing with a search cloud!

GeekDad, said: “It is the perfect tool to start teaching children digital literacy skills and the ideas around searching for information, assessing its quality and undertaking research online in an environment that is far safer and more engaging for children than Google.”

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Quintura Kids is the first visual search engine for children. Its intuitive tap-based interface makes web search a real education for children!

Quintura Kids features a dynamic tag cloud (search cloud) that changes based on your search. Web surfing with Quintura Kids is easy and kids-friendly even for the youngest. Just tap the words in the tag cloud!

Tap a word to start surfing or type in the search bar. Once you get search results, you get a tag cloud of words (hints) prompting you what you can search next. The cloud features most popular concepts that we pick up from the texts from most relevant web pages. This helps you define the best direction for further searching and refine your query.

Tap a new tag (word is search cloud) to yield most relevant search results. The cloud dynamically changes.

There are a few icons under the tag cloud (“New query”, “Back”, “Forward” and “Settings”). Use them for navigation and setting your view mode.

Quintura Kids searches within manually selected kids-related web sites. No search results that you get will contain adult content.


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