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My Story – Book Maker for Kids

Создайте свою собственную иллюстрированную книгу! Иллюстрации можно нарисовать самому или сфотографировать и вставить в книгу. Кроме того, можно записать текст книги голосом. Готовую книгу можно отправить по email или открыть с помощью программы для чтения книг на вашем устройстве (например на iBooks).


Celebrate your child’s art with My Story, the simplest story maker and book creator in the App Store. My Story combines drawing, photos, voice, and text to promote literacy and creativity for you and your child together. They then share their book within the app, via email, or directly to iBooks. Your child’s art, coloring, photos, and voice recordings are saved forever!

Drawing. Coloring. Storytelling. Imagination. For less than a box of crayons, My Story helps kids expand these art skills and self-expression in a whole new way, giving parents, teachers, and counselors one more tool to help develop these crucial literacy skills.



* Simple, friendly interface. From the wood panel background to the happy color scheme, My Story is a pleasure to use. Young kids will love just coloring. Older kids will love to illustrate.

* Multiple brushes. Pen, Paint Brush, & Wacky

* Size tool. Make lines thick or thin and anywhere in between

* 20 vibrant colors to choose from.


* Take a picture right from the app and make it the background of your page.

* Choose a picture from the photo library to serve as a page’s background image.

* Makes it easy for children to share stories of their daily life and bolster speaking and writing skills: My Family, My Friends, My Home… the possibilities are endless!


* Easy-to-use button lets you start and stop voice recording for every page of the book

* Restart a recording at any time

* Voice recordings remain intact when your book is shared or published to iBooks!

* Each page of the book contains an area for kids to type words. These words appear beautifully when your book is shared or published.


* Create an unlimited number of books

* Read your finished book right inside the app! Great for family gatherings and classroom presentations.

* Share your story book via Email to anyone on any device or computer!

* Publish your story book to iBooks and read your book alongside other books from the iBookStore at any time!


We love kids. My Story is a product of CauseLabs, HiDef’s program for building technology for social good. We’ve built the app to help children tell their stories while building trust with the important adults in their lives. Talk with us via or @MyStoryApp. We love to hear from you & see your stories!


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