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Категория: Игры
Обновлено: 31.05.2012
Версия: 1.4
Размер: 29.3 МБ
Язык: Английский
Разработчик: KlickTock Pty Ltd
© 2009-2012 Klicktock Pty Ltd
Возраст 4+

Little Things

Приложение для тренировки памяти, внимательности и терпения.

* iPad App of the Week – 6th August 2010

* Featured in Apple’s “Rewind 2010” – best games of the year.

* #2 game in the USA, Canada and the UK

* #1 game in Indonesia, Venezuela, Paraguay and Philipines

* Top 10 game in 40 countries around the world.

* From the creators of the #1 hit Doodle Find!

All the family can enjoy Little Things, the innovative seek and find game. Search colorful collages built from thousands of little things. Randomized searches ensure a different game each time you play.

* A different game each time you play.

* Incredible artwork and beautiful soundtrack.

* Thousands of little things to be found.

* Collect 99 jigsaw pieces and solve puzzles.

* 10 Badges to earn.

* Awesome finding fun for the whole family.


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