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Category: Education
Released: 05 March 2012
Version: 1.0
Size: 17.7 MB
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian
Developer: Tailmind AB
© Tailmind AB
Rated 4+

Fun For Kids (JP, RU, KO) – Детские забавы

Welcome to Fun For Kids – a fun and educational game for children between the ages 0-4 years! In Fun For Kids you will get to meet a number of exciting animals, vehicles and music instruments, such as lion, cow, airplane and guitar. The game is divided into three modes: Point and Learn, Learn with Puzzles and Guess the Image.

Point and Learn is an interactive picture book where the child can click on an animal, a vehicle or another item and it gets animated and its special sound is played, for example a dog barking. A voice will say the name of the item displayed.

In Learn with Puzzles there are 9 different puzzles to choose from. When the child places a puzzle piece in its correct position the special sound of that piece is played (e.g. a car sound). When a puzzle is completed a funny cheering noise is played.

In Guess the Image, 3 different images are shown and a voice will ask the child to locate a certain item, for example “Where is the airplane?” If the child taps the correct item, it gets animated and its special sound is played.


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