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Developer Contact

Dear developers!

Do you want to tell the Russian speaking world about your wonderful kids app? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We focus on the best apps for kids on platforms iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, OS X, Android and  Windows. We write for parents and educators to help them find great educational and fun apps for children.

If you are interested in having your application reviewed on our website please email us at hello@bestapps4kids.ru.

In your email, please include the app’s title, the iTunes link and one promo code so that we can download your app. You are very welcome to submit more promo codes to give away to our users. Don’t forget to mention when the codes expire.

Please note: we reserve the right to refuse publishing a review of an app that scores below 3 stars on our rating.

If you have any questions or would like to learn about our advertising options don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@bestapps4kids,ru.



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